Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Such an Ogre

As I have mentioned many times before, the primary reason that I use the oil paints is that it allows me to work on many more figures at the same time, no matter how large or small!

I had about 15 large scale Mierce Miniatures and other creatures going at the same time as I was painting this big guy.  Since the oils stay wet on the figures as well as the palette, I can take as much time as I need to move from one figure to the next, rotating back around again to the figures that I started with.

Obviously I can do more blending on the figures too, which means that I can be more efficient with the application of colors.  It is possible to just place a few colors onto the surface and then mix those right there.  

It makes it easier to get interesting colors in key areas, like the swords.  I think at one point I just plopped some bright green onto the blades and feathered it in with the rest!

Here's an example... a Facebook Live session:

I have done a few of these larger style figures on the live sessions.  My goal is to create more permanent videos for YouTube and to place on USB drives.  The more support the Patreon page gets, the more time I will have to do these edited videos.  Those can take a while to film, edit and render!

Thanks for all the support thus far!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Hive Mind

Time for some images of the Necromunda gang which was painted in good portion with oils.  The initial painting was done in a live session, which you can see here:

I have a number of blog posts and video tutorials on how I approach Object Source Lighting such as this.  There's a facebook live session, along with a Painting Pyramid video which covers the same subject.  Those are being made available to the Patrons on my patreon page as well.:

I have many more live demos on my facebook page, and more videos available to my Patreon Subscribers here:

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ides of March

Adepticon is practically here!  At least for us, since we leave early Wednesday morning to do set up and the usual stuff.  I know that a lot of folks will be converging there, so hopefully the travel is not too crazy, and we get to see everybody!

As usual, there will be a lot of stuff going on, and I will be bouncing around all over the place.  My hope is to get to spend more time at Fort Wappel during the day, since a lot less folks tend to be around in the late night hours.  

The oil paints will be there again, which means that I will attempt as many 'spot demos' as I can with them, so that people can be introduced to them.  While I will be bringing just about all of my Bolt Action stuff with me, I will have several other figures too... Reaper, Dark Sword, you name it!

I will also have the Painting Pyramid painting videos on USB drives as usual, with all 53 episodes available.  Just drop by Fort Wappel and see me.

Hope to see everybody there very soon! Safe travels!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hail the King

Sometimes a sculpt does not have to be incredibly complex to be fun to paint.  While this pose is essentially a simple one, I enjoyed the way the character's head was turned and how he seemed to be surveying the battlefield.

Even the flow of his cloak emphasized additional motion in a potentially static pose.

The armor was strategically placed to allow for a bit of NMM in a key spot to show the difference in texture from the leather and cloth sections.   Again, it doesn't always have to be a very complex figure to be quite interesting!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Horse of Course

Each time I work with the oil paints, I learn more and more, and each figure has a higher percentage painted via oils.  As you know, the primary reason I have turned to the oils is that the extended drying time allows me to work on more figures at one time.

I know that the trend towards wet pallets is quite a big thing at the moment... but what if the same principle could be applied to the figures as well?

This figure was painted along with dozens of others... from historical WW2 infantry figures, to fantasy monsters, to vehicles.  It is even more effective if the figures are 'grouped' into sets of common colors.  It does not matter what the genre is, the key is to group them together for maximum efficiency.

While speed is the ultimate goal, the side benefits include the ability to blend colors hours if not days after the initial applications!  That's a tremendously powerful tool, and it is also a more relaxed approach.  I often have to remind myself that I have plenty of time to take advantage of wet into wet blending, since I am so used to the more rapid drying time of the acrylic paints.

I have done numerous live sessions on the oil paints... here's an example:

I will be doing more sessions on the oils, as well as new Painting Pyramid videos!  Those will be available to the patrons on my Patreon page:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bombs Away...

We really enjoy the Bombshell Babes line of figures... all the usual kinds of Patrick Keith sculpting goodness!

Each character is very distinct, and lots of different genres are covered.

Even though this is mostly earth tones, it is still possible to get contrast by staging warm and cool colors very close together.  In this case, the burnt sienna hair color plays off the green of the cloak, and even the blue woad on the face.

This is why I try not to use the term "limited palette" or anything like it, since you are not really restricted in the amount of options and choices that you have,  Even muted colors can still provide contrast and interest.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Bringing the Heat

The Mantic Salamanders offer a few interesting opportunities for some of my favorite things... painting fire, Object Source Lighting, and combining a lot of contrasting colors.

It is helpful that there are a lot of sharp angled shapes in the sculpt, which means that there are a number of ideal highlight points for something like OSL.  This is something to consider as you think about using this method on a miniature.  I can definitely say that there have been other figures where OSL was requested or required for whatever reason, and the figure itself was not exactly suited for it.

Having lots of deep shadow areas make the "light source" appear that might brighter, while a cooler tone for the skink also enhances the fire effect too in terms of how "hot" it looks.

I did a Facebook Live session on how I like to approach fire, OSL, and so on:

He's also available here: